Domestic Violence ~ A Cry for Help

ACryForHelpPosterThumbA Cry for Help is the story of a Native American family forced to experience the heart-wrenching pain of domestic violence.

Unable to handle his own personal struggles, Desmond victimizes his family with physical, verbal, and emotional acts of violence.

Hope, a beautiful but heavy heart young woman, badly wants her family to leave their abusive father. When her mother refuses and her brothers deal with the problem in their own way, she turns to her best friend and cousin, Alyssa, to vent her pain and frustrations. What Hope doesn’t know is that Alyssa is trying to numb the pain from her own hidden secret. It isn’t until a tragic event occurs that Desmond chooses to look within himself and seek help to deal with and try to answer his family’s Cry for Help.

A Cry for Help premiered in October 2011 during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

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Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation Domestic Violence Action Team
Tania Harvey, Victim Advocate/Program Coordinator
10755 N. Ft. McDowell Road Suite 2, Ft. McDowell, Arizona 85264.

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